I was thinking today, reading things.

Everyone hits an age when they feel like they need to feel young again this is known as a mid life crisis. These people dress,act,try to impress the younger people…So when a teenager calls them cool or if a teenager laughs at their joke or really anything they get over joyed. this gets me mad because they will always say  ”remember that time when” or “wasn’t it cool when”.

For example I called my mom cool 3 years ago because she did something slightly impressive… when she does something remotely “cool” now she thinks she has to state how cool she is, then she pats my lower back and says “Aren’t I a cool mama” I run away trying to avoid answering such a question (Sorry mom but it was an example)

Another example I had a teacher who was in her 50′s  She thought she was cool because all the teenagers came to see her at lunch and see how she was After awhile she started dressing like she was 20. It was disgusting to be honest she changed her whole attitude and everything just so she can look cool….

Maybe your an adult going through this right now maybe trying to impress your kid, here is some tips.

1. If they are with their friends ignore them don’t ask anything or talk to your kid when they are with their friends.This embarrass them.

2.Never pull out a karaoke machine. The 90′s have came and gone.

3.Rent a cool car and take them somewhere. Spend a day with them doing what they want to do (this one takes money…alot of money)

4. If you always give your child a hard time, let them off. take a day to relax.

5.Let your kid do something you usually don’t let them do (Have a party,stay late at a friends house, let them stay out a little bit later)

and you know what. Your troubled. You want to be young again, here is some ideas what you can do.

1. High school reunion – kick the kids out and get the whole gang together, high school reunions may take your mind of alot of things and maybe you’ll feel young by hanging out with people your age who you went to high school with. Seeing friends from high school maybe get a heavy buzz on talk about the good days when you had parties when the parents were out of town and when you were all young, Don’t look at photos of the good old days…that would be a mistake. A BIG mistake you look at a picture then after a few drinks you go to the washroom and you break that whole image you had of being young again..

2. Rent a hot car and take your lover out on a hot date. A hot date might be what you need and what says a hot mini va-kay like a red hot mustang. Take your partner see a movie some late night kissing in the back seat maybe a hotel room if you really want to get away from reality and the kids for a while. Make yourself feel young again and bring your romance back to life!

3. Girl/boys night in! Have some friends over, play poker watch a chick flick. play a game go to a strip club DO SOMETHING!

4. If you have kids or grandkids have a little sleepover. Buy new Pj’s and slippers and watch movies cuddle a bit with the kid you love dearly. Admire the family you have created.

5. If you don’t have kids or a partner, go do something exciting. Go sky diving or create a bucket list and do it before a certain date! If you are looking for a special person to spend your life with maybe go on a few dating sites or maybe blind dates really anything or if you want a child and don’t have a partner, foster care adoption there are so many ways!

To be honest, Don’t let the Mid life take you down and embarrass you and your teenager.

Because That mid life crisis is hard and well the teenager gets laughed at if your drunk at 2 am and still partying when everyone is gone to bed.Honey you got a massive Mid life..

I can’t say trust me. But seriously, this is for so many people. I don’t know what I am talking about. But I know how to make myself feel better and if mid life is anything like being depressed HONEY i’ve been there.

Ahhh. Well Goood luck ya old farts!

For now


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