The first book of The Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy.  This is book was interesting about a family  construction business doing a major job renovating an Inn from  the1790′s in the town of BoonsBoro, Maryland.  The Inn is spared no expense with the theme being based on famous literary couples.  The description of their hard work is so well told that you can visualize each and every room with no problem.

The three brothers who are doing the work along with a construction crew have few problems.  Beckett discovers that there is a “lady ghost” present in one of the rooms. He names her Elizabeth .  His encounters with her is funny and adds interest to the book.  This book centers around Beckett and his involvement with a widow who had three young boys.  His attraction to her and the boys grows by the day. She owns a book store and she is stalked by the local town “rich” boy who doesn’t understand the word “no”.

The anticipation of what happens to her is felt and leaves you wanting to keep on reading.  The end is a touching moment with Beckett and the boys. I enjoyed the book even though I found the renovations part a bit too much but I can’t wait to read book #2 which is being published in May.  Clare , who is Beckett widowed girlfriend has some very interesting girlfriends who is obviously going to be involved with the other two brothers.

When doing research about the Boonsbury I discovered that there really is an Inn called the BoonsBoro is situated in Maryland and owned by Nora Roberts. The Vesta restaurant mentioned in the book is also a reality.  Ms. Roberts and her husband bought and renovated the Inn at a three million dollar expense.  Her husband owns the Turn A Page book store and son and daughter own the Vesta restaurant.

Interesting information when you google  The BoonsBoro Inn.

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