Okay, So some people say my expectations for a “True good friend ” is very very High (same with a boyfriend)…But anyways.. I’ve had alot of friends in all my 16 years of living and here is what I learned.


If a “friend” is willing to ask you for something you can get and they can not thats not a good friend.  lets say a 19 year old is friends with a 17 year old, this 17 year old hangs out with alot of people who like to party but since they can’t buy booze they come to you but if you ask to join them they say “sorry invite only” That is not a good friend. they are just using you. I’ve been used for everything. I’ve been used to get to my closest guy friend, I’ve been used for my parents smokes, information, my pool, my clothing. Man have I ever been used I think to myself. I have a rule, if they have used me more then 5 times and only need me when they need something then you go. RUN.

If a “Friend” is stealing clothes, make up, jewellery ANYTHING. GET RID OF THEM. I’ve had a friend for years who has stole many things from me and I realise they are pretty much telling me they love my style! But I also realise they aren’t a true friend and I’m missing a shirt! IT sucks.

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