Interesting conversation today on the Jeff Allen’s Show on 570 News.   The story of Tori Stafford is now coming to a close with the disclosure of some very gruesome details of her death.

After Tara McDonald’s testimony, I was angered.  I was angered because of her drug induced relationship with her daughter’s murderer.  Then, I was angry that Rodney Stafford threw stones at her for the horrible decisions she made the day that Tori disappeared.  Why make the media even more skeptical of Tara when only five minutes before she threw her own self under the bus?

However, at the end of the day, we have to put this whole scenario in perspective.  Tara McDonald is not up on murder charges.  Rumour has it that Tara McDonald, albeit rehabilitated, doesn’t have her son living under her roof.  Tara McDonald is the mother of Tori Stafford.  I have no doubt that, as a mother, she has been living hell on earth since April 8, 2009.

Although the defense will be inclined to point a finger at Tara to thwart the jury in believing that there is a bigger story than what’s being told, this is a murder case against Michael Rafferty.  The courts feel that they have sufficient evidence to find this man guilty of first degree murder.  The Canadian media is running rampant to be the first to broadcast the “in session” play by play on the radio, television, Twitter and Facebook and they have not held back on the explicit details of this case.  We’re only on Day 4 so I can’t imagine what is yet to come!

My thoughts on this media scrutiny is that it is our duty as a society to bear witness to most of the details for Tori’s sake.  Albeit, I think there is a limit to what should be shared.  The family leaves the courtroom for a reason, that’s where the media should stop.

On the flip side, I cannot imagine what this poor little innocent girl had to go through.  No child should have to face fear and anguish like she did.  Take this case as a lesson that there are monsters out there and to hold your children close each day.

At the end of the day, it’s all about seeking justice for Tori Stafford, the little girl who didn’t stand a chance on April 8, 2009.

What are your thoughts?  Do you feel that the details of the Tori Stafford case is too explicit for the public to hear?

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