Bieber for Fan Choice?

With only two days left to the JUNO Awards, the hype is growing and the fans are talking.

Are you going to be online on JUNO Night?  I know we are!  Life’s a Blog will keep you up to date on the winners, the performances, and the backstage media interviews throughout the night!

Get ready and follow @Trina_Stewart and @Christinauntold.

As well, CTV is hosting a JUNO AWARDS Live Chat (, at JUNOS.CTV.CA and on the CTV iPad App Social Screen) with Bell Media personalities from across the country during the show.

They also have an ongoing JUNOS Fantasy Poll on Facebook where fans can make their picks on some of the biggest categories of the year.

Be a proud Canadian and get involved with Life’s a Blog, CTV, and the JUNO Awards!


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