My goal in my 16th year of living was to get my license before turning 17… and well I DID it with 20 days to spare I got my license on the 30th of March! I felt pleased with myself and still do!

My First Driving experience was great, my mom let me drive home from the test, she guided me and taught me how to drive through the back roads.  I must say I felt like I was doing great. When I got home I called my grandparents to tell them the great news and they were happy…

I’d go deeper in my first driving experience BUT… I am slightly embarrassed to tell you what happen when I went for a drive with my dad.

Maybe some day you will all hear how I ruined my dad’s tire rim 😉  I felt like I was playing Mario Kart. ; )

I am very excited to start with Young Drivers of Canada this month.  Thanks to this blog, I will be working very closely with them.

Secretly….. I think my parents are excited too!

Just a hint: I made my Dad cry. (He’ll never admit it though!)

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