Have you ever wanted to talk to Lindsay Lohan, the cast of the Jersey shore or any of the Teen Mom?
But you can get the next  best thing!

Lindsay’s Lohan’s Parents, Angliena from the first and second season of the JERSEY SHORE and don’t forget our favourite crazy momma  OCTO MOM!

The site calls them Celebrities but lets face it, I have not a damn  clue who any of the other people are!
But thats not the only thing, If I wanted to call dear old Angie from the J-shore It would cost me $15.00 A MINUTE!! Isn’t that nuts?!

Here is a clip from TMZ calling Michael Lohan!  (no youtube in school and TMZ has issue with embreding videos apparently)



Its pretty damn funny,

Apparently there are a few big names on there. But none that I know of…
Oh well.. Apparently the site keeps “sweeping up” Celebs.

But lets face it. It is only Z-listers not A-Listers 😉

OH WELL! Its not worth my money that’s for sure!


Sorry Www.Dial-a-star.com! 😛


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