Toxicology reports are in and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office revealed that Whitney Houston’s death was caused by an accidental drowning.  Contributing factors of her death included cocaine use and heart disease.   There were other medication found in her system including Benadryl and marijuana.

The amount of drug usage that takes place in the land of milk and honey continues to astound me.  It astounds me that so many 80’s icons have died to drug use while 70’s icons like Keith Richards and Steven Tyler are alive and telling their story about their partying past.    Did they simply know when to stop?

I hope that our young generation takes heed in the messages sent out to them as we continue to mourn more and more celebrity drug induced deaths.   Drugs, of any nature, is not good for your body.   Even alcohol, too much can be disastrous to your health, to your happiness, and to your sanity.

It’s sad to see Whitney leave this earth but fate has dealt its cards.  Whenever you play with fire, you’re sure to get burnt.

Live clean, live healthy, and be true to yourself.  


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