Letters to Lady Gaga

June 18th 2011 I woke up thinking I was going to make my dreams come true today, not because my mother won some tickets for the celebrity gift suite it was the day I was determined to meet Lady gaga.
I woke up and decided “hey, I’m going to do something maybe someone wouldn’t think of doing or writing.” I got out some pictures from the lady gaga concert I had gone to in March 2011. I was inspired to write something meaningful and full of thought. I wrote and spilled my guts out in my letter to her. I wanted to write a piece of me because she showed and gave so much to all of us.
 Finally I was finish and my mom called out to me. It was ready to go. I was in a rush to go to Toronto anyways and try to meet Gaga and see her possibly at this gift suite.
Throughout the gift suite I was trying to stay in one place just in case she would arrived.
6 hours passed.
She wasn’t coming. I gave up this try. My mom suggested going on the subway and subway it up to Bloor. When we got there someone yelled “GAGA!” a whole bunch of people swarmed around her car.  I was on the other side of Bloor, just my luck. As I waited for her around the streets she could have been found on. I had met some girls and socialized with them. About 70 minutes passed and she came back.
 She didn’t stop this wasn’t her; she loves her fans and would never run away from a crowd.
 I ran up and down the streets trying to catch a glimpse of seeing her and try to give her my letter. She ran inside her hotel. Soon I found out Clarence Clemens had died. One of the most well-known Saxophonist of many generations.
 I decided to try tomorrow.
 The girls I had met wanted to try to meet Cody Simpson, Someone who made them happy.
 At 10:50 PM, Madison Pettis from the Disney Channel (Cory in the house) came out and chatted with us for a good 15-20 minutes.
We had chatted with her. She is such a sweet heart. Her mom said she would text Cody’s mother and told them that we were out here waiting for him.
 When they left they said if they’re not down in 20 minutes that means they are in bed. I was okay with just meeting Madison but the other girls wouldn’t settle for just her. I was fine with that because if it was the other way around I would have stayed.
Around 11:30, Cody and his sister Ali Came down stairs. The girls were filled with joy and couldn’t believe it.
 We took photos with the two siblings and chatted for a good 10-15 minutes. They are really something, really nice people!
When we were leaving, one of the girls checked twitter and realised that Gaga was supposed to be rehearsing. I smiled this was my other chance. We arrived to the place lady gaga was suppose to be. There were two Teenagers they were waiting. They informed us that lady gaga wasn’t rehearsing because she was too upset to rehearse tonight. I had put my head down for a quick moment.
As the night carried on I arrived at my hotel room around 12:30pm and had gone to bed.
 |The day of June 19th 2011, I woke up with a smile on my face and a map in my hands. I was determined to give my letter I hand wrote to lady gaga. Today was the day of the MMVA this was the final day I could try to find gaga and meet her. I was excited.  We took off to find a quick meal. We went to this restaurant/Bar that served brunch. I was looking over the photos of last night, one of the girls who had taken a photo with Cody and she asked me for the photo… I was looking through my camera and I didn’t see it and I had told her I couldn’t find it. She accused me of deleting her photo and started calling me all these bad things I had ignored her ignorance. She said “karma is a b***” I looked over the photos again and again, and then forgot about her because I knew I wouldn’t of done that because it would have been a selfish thing and I would never do that to someone.
At 11:30 we had seen a bunch of people waiting in the back of the MMVA Stage. This was my chance. The first time gaga passed (not sure what time) she only signed a few autograph and took a photo with some people.
I chased her down the street… for her to get my letter. A few other performers passed and I had met them. At 3:25 pm Gaga was back. I said this is my final chance if I don’t meet her I give up. She ran into the crowd of people to the right and gave them all a huge hug then she ran to the left and gave them a hug too. 3:31 pm I gave her my letter. I gave her my personal letter that was just for her. She had signed it and gave it back to me. I screamed out “THIS IS FOR YOU!” . She smiled.  I started crying. She took my camera and took a picture of us, she then hugged me, and the rest was just a blur really. After she left I ran out of the crowd to call my mom. The first words out of my mouth were “she took my letter” My mother said “who took your letter?” she had thought someone beat me up the girl who thought I deleted her picture. “Gaga, she really took it.” I cried harder “Oh my, you really did it” my mother said. And the whole conversation is also somewhat a blur…
 Gaga has inspired me to do so many things and I wanted to give her a piece of my inspiration and one thing I had promised myself to do if she had got my letter is start a blog (even though I already have started blogging.) just focused around us, the world and everything that makes us who we are. And possibly a personal vlog focused on you and everything that could make someone inspired by my words.

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