As you may notice the Teen Connection page has been messed up? I guess you can say that…

I am going to take this time of technical difficulty as a sign. A sign of changing and finding myself and improving and helping myself with finding myself again.
I have had a bad start to 2012.
(Ill write about it some other time)


I find all my previous blogs about bullying and personal stuff weren’t really being me? I guess you can say..

So I am not going to find all the blogs I’ve wrote and match them to where they were 3 days ago.

I am starting over. I am starting Fresh (well I am going to repost a few things, reviews experiences with celebrities etc) I am going to tell all you parents and teenagers about my experiences with bullying and running into mental health issues so I can help spread awareness about suicide,depression and many other things.
I plan to do interviews with teenagers who are dealing with many things!
So parents can get a new perspective.

I am going to start and tell my story about what I have and what I am dealing with.. Hopefully my mother will also join me.Also with the story/experience I will have What I did and what I wish I have done and my advice if this have ever happen to you and what a parent should do!

Also I plan to write 2 blogs a every other day on the rambling page!! SO keep posted!

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