I have been writing about Oprah coming to Toronto for months now.  Now that I have a ticket, I am even more excited about feeling the spirit of those who have inspired me for many years in a live studio audience.

The past few days on Twitter there has been a flurry of hashtags #OinTO, #OWNAmbassadors, and OinTOFairmont.  Initially, I was somewhat put out about not being invited to an exclusive tea at the Royal York Hotel.  I was also discouraged that I was unable to secure seating closer to the main stage.  After all, I’m a pop culture blogger who writes about Oprah Winfrey all of the time….what makes these people any better than me?

The green-eyed monster didn’t last for long.  I am not a jealous person by nature and my emotions quickly subsided. I applauded those who were fortunate enough to receive an invitation.  Good on your Girls!!!

Then I thought of the words of wisdom that Oprah has bestowed on us time and again.

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.- Oprah Winfrey

For the most part, my blog has been about my life, my mentors and my experiences.  All of my adventures have been self funded.  I could care less about free stuff or the popular vote.   I stand up for what I believe in and I pride myself on being the person who cheers the blogging community on for their efforts and individual spirit.  I want my ride to be based on my achievements and not about what I can get from someone else.

It’s about Integrity

I have learned that often achievement comes from who you know or whose butt you kiss the longest.  I haven’t had the first luxury nor do I intend on compromising my belief system to do the latter.  I was raised to be a proud individual who never gives up. If this blog can take me anywhere in life, it’ll be from the 40 hours I work in my day job to the dedication that I put into my blog in my free time.  So far, it’s paid off ten fold.  I’m so proud of me!

It’s about Being Authentic

I like to write about celebrities but I also like to write about life.  My blog is a montage of topics that I want to share with the world.

Recently, I took the risk to ask a hotel for sponsorship during the Much Music Video Awards.  Tonight, I was told that my blog doesn’t cater to their target market, which is higher income individuals.  I stood there in awe thinking who are you to judge?  I just had lunch with a lovely woman who reads my blog daily.  Her household income is definitely in the 150K region or more.  My boss wouldn’t be caught dead in a Super 8.  Personally, I’ve stayed at that particular hotel over ten times for conferences and trade shows.  Who is your target market again?

Despite wanting to save money on expenses, I think that I’m going to refuse as it completely goes against my belief system to accept anything if they can’t see the person that they are talking to.  I’ve never been a mooch, nor will I ever be.

It’s about Knowing Who You Are

I know enough to know that this blog post may bite me in the butt.  I know that I have to stay committed to my values and beliefs to achieve my goal with my blog and within Social Media.   I cannot be anything less than who I am because I know who I am!  That my friend has been Oprah’s teachings over the last 25+ years.

I’m the Girl on the Bus

At the end of the day, I’m not the fan girl waving their hands in awe.  I’m not the person who will take another person down for a glimpse of celebrity or notoriety.  I’m simply that girl on the bus when the limo has been taken away by a tow truck.   I’m that girl who will smile, tell you that you did your best, applaud your success, and let you cry on my shoulder.

I’m that Girl that will continue to write about how much Oprah has inspired me long after the smell of her perfume leaves the Convention Centre in Toronto on Monday.  I don’t need anything more.

I know where I am today, and tomorrow is completely depends on perseverance and chance.

See you soon Oprah!!!

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