For awhile now i’ve wanted to do advice segments on this blog because I am very opinionated aswell I want to work for a magazine or newspaper and give advice when I am older! So i’ve decided to do little segments on this blog! My mother is interested in answering some questions aswell! So you can ask her also!
This is how it will work.

Go to our Formspring Account

You may put your name or you can just leave it anonymous!

We want to answer your questions on our blog but sometimes people don’t want the whole world knowing their issues. So leave a simple you can publish this on the site or no you can’t publish this at the end of the letter.

On the site, you can only type 255 characters in a question so if your going to go over the 255 limit then at the beginning put 1/ how many things you think there will be.

Finally, if you want a certain person to answer the question put their name at the end!

I believe that is all! So keep tuned and ask! 🙂

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