Recently, i’vIte been addicted to watching Jerry Springer. s funny as HELL! and well it teaches me morals and what NOT to be.

All these women/men are pathetic completely pathetic and a bunch of attention seekers! Surely enough, If I cheated on my boyfriend (if I had one) I would tell him alone by ourselves, no need for Jerry and the audience and I wouldn’t introduce my boyfriend to the new man and say I love him and we are in love and I am leaving you for him and FOR SURE not kiss the guy in front of the boyfriend saying that’s just wrong and obviously will start a fight. Saying that I have to much respect for myself to go cheat and cheating is wrong. PLUS if I cheated, that means I don’t love my boyfriend because if I loved my boyfriend would I be cheating?

My friends and I were talking today and debating if the Jerry show was scripted or not. I came to a conclusion; I think some of the episodes are scripted but some seem realistic.. But if it is scripted or not I would still want to be in the audience!

Talking about being part of the audience I thought it would be fun to go on the official Jerry site. When I did I stumbled across ” To be a guest on the show!” I laughed my butt off at some of the things you can go on the show for… Then I thought of some people I know and think how they could be on the show and what they would do!

Check out the site, maybe you might have a few laughs thinking about your friends or yourself in a situation that would make you eligible to be on the show!

Here are a few clips from previous Jerry Shows I enjoyed and make you laugh aswell!

– I don’t mean to offend anyone I just love the show!



This one is the funniest one!! 



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