My little puppy Chloe is fun and vivacious.   She’s always wagging her tail and ready to get up and go.  I realize that this will not always be the case as, like people, puppies become adults and seniors one day.

With age comes wisdom, and today Iams is celebrating the important role senior pets play in our lives. With the help of feisty senior, Estelle Harris, Iams is launching its Senior Plus pet food – a unique formula created for pets 11+ small to medium breed and 9+ large breed. Harris, an American stand-up comedienne, actress and voice artist recognized for her love of pets, is educating Canadians on the importance nutrition and exercise have on pets in their senior years.

“Pets should be celebrated and as an integral part of so many families and proper nutrition is the foundation of good health for aging people and pets,” said Estelle Harris. “As a senior with two senior dogs of my own, I understand how our nutritional needs change with age.”

To celebrate the launch, Canadians are encouraged to visit under “Iams Canada” and create a pet profile for a chance for their senior pet to become the Iams Senior Plus “Pet of the Week” during the month of April. 

When Your Pet Ages

As pets enter the Senior Plus life stage, changes may occur on the inside that are not evident on the outside. This means they are more susceptible to loss of lean body tissue, a weakened immune system, reduced metabolic rate, and increased dental concerns.

“Until now, the pet food market offered puppy and kitten to mature adult (7 years and older) formulas” said Joyce Law, External Relations, P&G Pet Care. “Because pets’ life spans are increasing, we recognized that a new formula was needed to meet the nutritional needs of older cats and dogs and fill a gap in the market.

What happens as dogs and cats age?

  • Loss of mental sharpness
  • Loss of muscle
  • Immune system weakens
  • Decline in activity level
  • Increase in dental concerns
  • Digestive system becomes less effective

Specialized for Unique Nutritional Needs

New Iams Senior Plus is designed to promote the quality of life as dogs and cats reach the senior plus stage. It addresses common senior health issues, including:

  • Maintaining muscle mass
  • Promoting ideal weight and body condition with a special formula that helps burn fat
  • Boosting immune health to healthy adult levels with two times the antioxidants
  •  Maintaining healthy skin and coat health with Omega 6
  • For dogs, helping to reduce tartar build up by up to 55 per cent with HMP (hexametaphosphate)

For more information on pet nutrition and choosing a pet food to fit various life stages, visit or

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