Knife not included.......or the sweater!

Just recently, I was selected as one of the newest Kellogger’s in Canada.  In the mail, we received a welcome letter and a variety of items to try.  We were not forced to blog or post our opinions of the items received, but it was mentioned in the welcome letter that it would be most welcoming!

What we received was Cinnamon Pops, gluten free Rice Krispies, Mini-Wheat Centres, Rice Krispies Granola, All Bran Bars, 2 awesome bowls, and a t-shirt.

So far, the granola and All Bran bars were two thumbs down with my family.   I think we’re all about texture in this household and it just didn’t cut it.  However, the Cinnamon Pops and Mini Wheats Centres are amazing (especially in these new Kellogg’s bowls).

Being a blogger has its ups and downs.  It’s a lot of hard work, but when you receive items like this from a reputable company, it makes it all worth while.  I don’t like to think that I’m a mooch because I’m the proudest person alive.  In fact, due to being proud, I’ve yet to take advantage of an offer I had from a Mazda dealer to fix a dent in my car!  There’s a fine line.

I believe that companies, like Kellogg’s, appreciate  bloggers and social media influencers who will be honest about their new campaigns and product launches.  This is what companies have done for many years, it’s just easier now to get the messaging out to the public.

Thanks Kelloggs for the fabulous package and I look forward to working with you on more exciting campaigns.

PS. That cartoon on the back of the Cinnamon Pop box was pretty dark but it made me read it again.



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