Where were you when you heard Vidal Sassoon Died? I was at the salon.

How ironic that the sad news of Vidal Sassoon’s death was heard while I was at Shangri-La Hair Studio and Spa.   Local stylist Frank Anthony was reminiscent of the role that Vidal Sassoon played in his career.  He had goosebumps just hearing about it.

Vidal Sassoon was 84 and died of natural causes at his home.

We then continued to discuss the wonderful branding that Sassoon brought to the table when promoting his products.  Remember “If you don’t look good, we don’t look good”?  That was priceless and everyone associated the phrase to the name even after many years of not hearing the catchy phrase.

In the 1960s, the London-born Sassoon was a beauty pioneer who relinquished the stiff, high-maintenance looks and creating more sleek, wash-and-go wedges, bobs and other less-is-more crops. He was most famous for Mia Farrow’s Rosemary’s Baby pixie, which earned him $5,000.

Back then, “we were creating something that was socially necessary,” Sassoon told the Los Angeles Times in 1993. “Women were going back to work, they were assuming their own power. They didn’t have time to sit under the dryer anymore.”

Let’s raise our glass to an icon in Fashion and Style..because no matter what you’re wearing, a great hairstyle can speak volumes.

Written by Trina Stewart

Trina Stewart is the editor-in-chief at Life's a Blog. Currently working through life separated from her husband and finding herself, Trina loves concert photography, hanging out with her single and married besties, and cooking. Stay tuned!

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