As the days wean away, I suddenly give myself a shake and realize that I only have 24 days left before I participate in the biggest challenge of my life.  I am riding in the Ride for Heart on June 3

Now when I commit to something, I’m in it all the way.  I never turn my back on a commitment…but a challenge is another thing.

You see, I’ve had hurdles, HUGE hurdles to get over.   I suffered a great deal of stress between December and February, then March flew by.  It was the end of March where I put my foot down and said “Trina, smarten up!”   It was the learning to smarten up that cost me a whole lot of money!

As I look back though, I have to say I’m proud with my progress from November.  I find myself saying “Are you out of your mind, you can’t physically do this ride?” only once a day now.

Most importantly, I find myself taking more time for my emotional and physical well-being.

In general, we spend so much time being stagnant and hiding from our real truth.  We are either sitting down to eat, sitting down to tweet, sitting down to smoke, or sitting down to watch TV.  All of our sweet addictions do not include even a mild form of movement.  So as we’re shoving our issues deeper into the core, the fatter we get, the more unhealthy we get, and the more unhappy we are.   This was me in month 1 and 2 of my commitment but with a twist.

I did spend a great deal of time reflecting and knowing where my issues lie.  It was only then that I realized that I had to have help.  I simply couldn’t do this alone.  My family has taken a HUGE financial downturn due to my training, but overall, I think it’s worth it.  I’m now running up and down the stairs again and I’m looking better.

However, I had another hurdle, I felt that I wasn’t being challenged.  By challenged, I mean that I wasn’t being forced to get past my fears of the pain that I was experiencing.  I ended up asking for a new trainer;  a no hold barred trainer who would take me to levels I’ve never experienced.  A trainer who would literally make me cry.  Well I got him and I’m anxious to see the results in two weeks.

Now when I’m asked why I don’t meal plan?  I’m honest about it and respond, “Because I’ve become lazy and eating on the fly, or not at all, has become my lifestyle.”

When asked why I don’t come to the gym on my own.  I reply, “Because I have so much on my mind, I don’t take that time for myself.”

When asked why I don’t care about myself to put in the time.  I reply, “Because I give so much to everyone else, my time box is spent on meaningless tasks in a stagnant state.”

The funniest part though is that this is all changing as I say it.  Saying your truth awakens a giant from within.  As Tony Robbins would say, I say “Yes!”

I realize that these habits are much easier to return to and that’s as scary as hell!  Once the trainer has hung up his timer and I’m on my own, I know that I am back to month 1 and 2 again.  The only difference is that I’ve spoken my real truth.

If you are overweight, anxious, or are prone to meaningless and harmful addictions I encourage you to really look deep within.  You will find that most of us have the same answers.  It’s bringing the truth to surface that will make the impossible, possible!

As well, we also must look at where our money is going to.  Sometimes is just as important to spend money to get the help you need rather than spend money on the “stuff” that’s keeping you unhealthy.

We’ll see how this progresses!  For now, my eyes are on seeing that finish line on June 3rd during the Ride for Heart challenge.

Til Next Time, raise your glass to continued progress, good health and feel free to donate to the Ride for Heart.

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