Geez, I thought I had problems with shoes.  Thank God, I’m not sporting the shoes Lady Gaga wore as she walked to the wharf to attend a harbor tour in Sydney Australia as I’d be a ridiculous scratched up mess!

Albeit eccentric, Lady Gaga knows how to make a scene with her take on new fashion trends.  Dressed completely in white, a fur throw, and a beehive haircut, Gaga captured the heart of many fashionistas as she rocked this year’s all-white look.

Steady now Gaga, white is not the thing to wear while wearing those shoes!!

As the Born This Way Monster Ball Tour makes its way through Australia, I’m beginning to go back on my promises.  Last year, I swore that I would never spend another $400.00 on concert tickets.

For Lady Gaga, it’s almost worth it!  Best Concert Ever!

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