We spent another fantastic weekend in Toronto at one of the largest Canadian events. The 2012 Much Music Video Awards hosted another successful event bringing in fabulous International talent to entertain thousands of screaming teenage girls and fans across Ontario.

I gave my daughter 24 hours to write this post but unfortunately she didn’t make deadline. So here’s Mom’s version of the weekend which may appear to be a lot less interesting than hers.

We arrived in Toronto only to be greeted by the Naked Mile bikers (at least that’s what they called them).  I quickly realized that it was something that two teenage girls should not see, as well as a 39 year-old woman.  Geez, don’t they have straps for you men?  Looks highly uncomfortable.

We arrived at our hotel, The Royal York, and was told that our room was not ready yet but as soon as it was they would call.  Cool…..so off we went.   I joined my friend Cammi Pham at a gifting suite while the girl’s made their way to the Much Music Headquarters.

Over the next 36 hours they made new friends, met many celebrities, and had a hell of a great time! I walked, shopped, charged cell phones in Chapters on John, went to my hotel room, tweeted, and met some fantastic people as well.

Initially, they were not going to stay for the awards show but decided to in the end. Much to their disappointment, the MMVA access was only granted to those who held wristbands.  DISAPPOINTMENT.  Not only that, they also blackened out the fencing so bystanders could not see.  According to my daughter and her friend, those barriers came down rather quickly when the show began.  Fair enough.

So what did they do?  They left and waited for me at Perez Hilton’s after party One Night in Toronto around the corner where they continued to meet even more celebrities upon their arrival to the star-studded event.

Around 11:45 I reminded myself that I had an ultrasound ultra early and they had school.   We were disappointed to miss the major talent arrivals but they were even more disappointed to know that Katy Perry arrived shortly after our departure.  Oh well….there’s always next year.

Even though access isn’t permitted without a wristband, I can guarantee you now that we will not sleep on the streets of Toronto again to get one.  Not in the cards, but all in all it was a great weekend!

Thanks Much Music for creating a fantastic event that generates business for Toronto and excitement to teens everywhere!  Dare to dream!

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