Since the beginning of the Summer I’ve been very busy and well things are looking amazing for the next year!

Anyways, recently I’ve received Lavish Dream Hair extensions and let me tell you I’ve never felt so confident! I’ve had regular hair extensions before but usually they were for making my hair look a bit longer and a bit thicker. The extensions I have from Lavish Dream are so much better I can tell you that! They make my hair look 10x longer and healthier and give my hair much more volume!
Usually, I buy regular extensions and I sew the clips on, but when I received the hair extensions from Lavish dream they were already clipped in and well beautiful!  It was awesome!

Now wearing them for the first time felt weird because I wasn’t use to long hair but still it looked fabulous! Since I first put on my lavish dream extensions I got used to them very fast!
Anyways, compared to my old extensions which were a hair salon brand I must say that Lavish Dream hair feels and looks real and healthy!

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Here are some photos of the I took with the new hair extensions!



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