One of my dream travel destinations is to see the Hollywood sign in all of its glory.  As a pop culture blogger, I’m sure that comes as no surprise!

This evening, I started researching the O You! conference that is taking place in LA in October but ended up on the Hollywood sign website for the next 1/2 hour.  This sign has significant history!

Did you know that in 1978, Hugh Hefner sponsored a gala event at the Playboy Mansion?   The intention of the event was to auction off each of the sign’s nine letters for $27,700, which was enough to cover the complete refurbishment.

Here’s a list of the sponsors of each of the Sign’s 9 letters:

H Terrence Donnelly, Publisher, Hollywood Independent Weekly

O Giovanni Mazza, Italian movie producer

L Les Kelly, originator of the Kelly Blue Book

L Gene Autry, with his TV station, KTLA

Y Dedicated to Hugh Hefner

W Andy Williams, singer

O Alice Cooper, rock singer, in honor of Groucho Marx

O Warner Brothers Records

D Dennis Lidtke

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