Well it’s that time again folks.  American Idol is talking about doing a little musical chairs next season and Charlie Sheen is said to be a contender.  Rumour has it that Jennifer Lopez may be leaving the show but she’s still uncertain.

Over the past few days, a variety of names has been thrown out including Adam Lambert, Niki Minaj, and Miley Cyrus.  But wait a minute, TMZ has reported that Charlie Sheen may be in that deck of cards as well.

I’ve never known Charlie Sheen to be a knowledgeable in musical talent, but then I got to thinking.  THESE CELEBRITIES DABBLE IN EVERYTHING!


Charlie Sheen would make a great replacement for J. Lo because:

  1. He has one speed and that is GO.  The less I hear from Ryan Seacrest the more I like the show.
  2. He’s got poetry in his fingertips and Adonis DNA.  His looks and quick comebacks will be a good balance to Steven Tyler’s melancholy attitude and aging disposition.
  3. He’ll make Charlie Sheen the drug of choice among the AI fan base.  There will be many WTF newsworthy moments I’m sure.
  4. He’s a comedic genius.  Despite his quirky quotes, Charlie knows how to make us laugh even when he’s insulting.
  5. He has a PHD in Sex and Drugs.  I’m sure Rock and Roll will be easily adopted.
  6. He’s no stranger to letting people go quickly….or did his women leave him?
  7. He’s no stranger to never giving up.  How many times has he been in rehab?
  8. There’s never a dull moment with Sheen.  Who knows when a gun will go off in his pants.  Just ask Kelly Preston.
  9. I hear he’s recruiting new Goddesses.  Who knows America will bring next season.
  10. That intern position he tweeted about 2 years ago has never been filled.

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