Recently I was explaining to a friend how celebrity news for me was becoming a dead topic.  When I review the daily columns I often find myself saying “Who cares? That’s not news!!”

I have decided to review some of the most read stories in online magazines and blogs and add a little commentary of my own called “WTF?”

How Katie Holmes Took Control

I would expect any mother to take control when they are unhappy in their marriage with a child’s welfare in their hands.  Katie Holmes’ happiness should be no different than Mrs. Jones down the street.   Katie Holmes has proven to the world that she is not that weak flower the media portrayed her to be but a strong woman with a mind of her own.  She took the necessary steps to secure stability for herself and her child.

Who said Tom Cruise was controlling?

We should know that a man in control of his work life isn’t always the same man in his private life.   In fact, as a society, we are completely taken aback with the power that romance has over us.  That is why women around the world have been purchasing the book 50 Shades of Grey like it’s an everyday  romance novel.   Women are enamored by Christian Grey’s controlling side by day and his (severely kinky) but loving side when he falls in love with Anastasia.   Does love conquer the urge to be right?

At the end of the day, we don’t know who Tom Cruise is behind closed doors.  Katie Holmes has shed no light on it (and neither has Nicole Kidman).

He was Blinded by Scientology

As we all want to believe that an alien life form has taken over Tom Cruise’s brain (hello newsworthy!), it probably is not true.  Many people are brainwashed to believe in a certain culture or religion.   Being brain washed is for the weak but making a conscious decision to believe in something, whether a cultural lifestyle or religion, is entirely different.   It is my considered opinion that Tommy Boy loves being involved in Scientology and wants to share his beliefs with those around him.

Who doesn’t want to see a little girl happy?

The decision for those who are not weak is to stand their ground and claim their own belief system without the influence of others, even spouses.  Katie Holmes, in my mind, did just that and Tom nor Katie was willing to budge.  Suri did not suffer because they both were adults and agreed to disagree.

And So It Ends

Thus ends the story of another Hollywood romance.  Photos of the whirlwind affair, the Paris engagement, Italian wedding, and the New York divorce is what’s left….oh and Oprah couch.  We cannot forget Oprah’s couch….yet another newsworthy story as I have yet to see my husband of 18 years jumping on a couch over me.

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