It wasn’t only Mr. Kevin Costner who revealed their country side at the Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival last weekend!   This Lady Gaga lovin die hard did as well!

The Campsite

My adventure started alone.  Yes, my daughter was ill and also decided that she did not want her country side to shine through the weekend.  Oh well…..I didn’t allow that to stop me.

You see when we go camping there’s a strict house rule.  I don’t do anything because I’m not a camper.  My husband thought I was destined for failure as I packed the car with all of our camping garb.

Thanks to the folks at Coleman, they provided me with an Insta-tent. No fuss, no muss with the Coleman Instant Tent Family, which set up in under 60 seconds. This essential group of tents available in 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-person models, take the guesswork out of traditional tent assembly and provide a spacious shelter for various sized groups. These tents are great for campers who are just getting started, or experienced campers who are looking for a more convenient tent.

It was a little challenge to put it up alone for the first time. Luckily, I had great neighbours who helped me out!  In the torrential downpour I was snug as a bug and not one bit wet!  The disclosure in the packaging noted that there would be condensation (which there was) but what can you expect when it’s non-stop rain for 36 hours.

Hell ya to great camping neighbours!

What can I say!  I can pick the best campsites with the best people around.  My new friends Peggy and Darren were so helpful and hospitable it was almost like I was with family!


Thank you so much for being so kind to me.  You are the epitome of good country folk!

It was also nice to feel young again as a group of younger country lovin darlins gathered to have a few drinks on Saturday night to celebrate a break in the weather.

These girls won the opportunity to meet Carrie Underwood and a several other artists.  SOOOO lucky!  I missed my daughter when I was around them.  Aren’t they just the cutest?

Dropping everything to interview a country artist

Much to my chagrin, I was taking down my tent in the rain when I received a call to come to the press room.  I threw my tent into the car and headed down there only to be informed that I could have an interview with Paul Brandt.  Oh my!

The interview will be posted later today.  I think it starts off by me saying I’m stinky and wet but I can’t pass an opportunity to be photographed with you!

Paul Brandt is the meaning of country.  Real and true to form.  There’s nothing unexpected with him and his charitable efforts commendable.

During this interview, the media room was respectful and courteous to the interviewer’s needs.   They were a great group to work with.  The media darlins were the best!  They knew their job and were quick to respond to our inquiries and needs.

I want to be a Media Darlin.  It sounds like just so much fun while being cute and helpful.

The Audience

These two guys were so awesome to me on Saturday night.  In fact, so many people were so welcoming to this country girl who was solo.  I guess singing a song aloud with a few strangers doesn’t hurt from time to time.

There wasn’t a moment that I was without a drink or without someone to talk to.  It was surreal as I’ve went to many day concerts and spent most of it all alone.

There was lots of love in the air as couples slow danced (and made out) on the water logged grass.  Spirits were high with very few altercations.  From what I saw it was a smashing success all around for all those who attended.)








The Venue

Despite many hiccups for the first annual Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival, I think overall it was a success for the organizers.  They were supposed to sell 30,000 tickets and I wouldn’t be surprised if they achieved that goal with the amount of attendees at Kid Rock and Carrie Underwood’s act.

There was no shortage of food or entertainment.  If you ventured away from the main floor, there were concession stands filled with belt buckles, cowboy hats, temporary tattoos, and jewelry.

The kids could ride an elephant or take a turn on the ferris wheel.  The adults could test their abilities on the mechanical bull.  The rain probably thwarted some of the activities on Saturday but there were no shortage of participants on Sunday when the sun was out in full force.

The Performers

And last but certainly not least were the performers.  From emerging artists to Carrie Underwood, the Boots and Hearts Music Festival out did themselves by having genuine talent.  Read my review about the artist’s performances at this blog post.

Yes, this rock and rolla will go country again next year at the Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival.  To all my friends who were debating on price, it was so worth every cent!  Where else can you spend a little over $200.00 and get three full days of solid entertainment?

See you next year! This event is a great 2012 Holiday Gift Idea for the country music lover in your life.  Check out how to purchase tickets today.

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