This lady and I have gone through a lot of things in life. It all goes back to the letter F. I haven’t been perfect in my life, nor has she, or anybody else in our lives. But you know what? Let’s look at the best in people. I spent two or three years with her dying parents and believe it or not, watching two old people die was a really good experience. We had to travel for a few days to put people, that were not my blood, to rest. It was an amazing experience.

On our way back, things broke up and went to shit. Ummmmm…..we got back and we broke up. She didn’t realize and I didn’t realize our own individual emotions. She was going through a lot of stuff getting her parent’s house prepped, to sell and I didn’t have that consideration or thought.

I ended up hooking up with a knitter. I went out West and we picked up the knitter’s daughter. She was way over due for her pregnancy, so we put her on a plane. Got back to Ontario through snowstorms and road blocks, and within a few weeks, low and behold the knitter and I no longer worked out.

I do have a drinking problem. I love both of my children with all of my heart. I’m not allowed to mention their names, but their names both start with A. My daughter and I are working on things in life. I shut my son out, and I did it at the age of about 50. It was very wrong for an old man to shut my son out like that. I’m crying right now thinking of the things I’ve done. So the person that I’m working with is TS and you know what??? We have the most amazing times together. If anybody interferes with us, you’re in trouble.

This is not my blog. This is about the person that I met. “Life’s a Blog” and her kids have accepted me twice into their life. If my own family can’t accept me and this family is so amazing, you know what, they are good people.

I have been around fifty-three years. It’s not my first rodeo. People, love one another and we want the best for everybody. So, if there is ex-wives or ex-husbands who don’t agree with your new lifestyle or who you are, you know what, stay out of it or just love or appreciate what the next person is doing going forward.

And guess what? T, is moving into Tavi-town and we’re making me-maw’s house for all of our blended family. Everyone from both sides are welcome!

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