Looking Forward : Beating My Learning Disorder

In the first grade I was diagnosis with ADHD. In the second grade, I was told I had a learning disorder. I let the learning disorder become my anchor.  It brought me down because I understood that I would have troubles learning.  Looking back on my childhood, I can say I didn’t have a learning disorder.  I was lazy and irresponsible.  I could have easily been that kid who got straight A’s if I tried harder. The school system made me believe I couldn’t learn and being irresponsible I refused to listen or do my homework.  I used my learning disability as an excuse every chance I could.

Going into grade 12 I look at myself as more responsible, here is why:

In grade 8, I was told I couldn’t go to the same high school that all my friends were going to because I didn’t have the marks. I was told I had to go to a different high school across town and take courses that would help me create a better my future. I refused to go to school that was known for “stupid people”  but because I was so irresponsible and not capable to learn at the same level as the other kids my age, I was denied. I made a deal with my grade 8 guidance counselor, if I was to go to this school he should allow me to take applied grade 9 English. He shook on it because he was also my grade 8 english teacher and he knew how much I loved to write.

Starting High School

Grade 9 was by far the best year of my life, I met the most amazing people who made me feel things I’ve never felt before and that respect also everyone in that school never judged and I like that. I could be friends with anyone and would never be judged.  I believe that year I showed myself I could learn and I could prove to all the teachers before I could achieve by the end of the year I had all my credits mostly in applied only three courses were in Fast Forward, the courses were Science, Math and French.

In Grade 10, I was pretty much out of the fast forward program until I had an incident which made me not go to school. I was broken and ready to move on. I wanted to transfer to the school by my house and because my grades were high, the school allowed me to transfer to the school I was suppose to go to.

So the second half of grade 10 I spent at a different school, I had to retake science and math.

The Journey Continues

Grade 11, I was still on a bumpy road.  I look back and I think I should of never let emotions and people get in the way of my education. Grade 11 was tough but I got through it, even though I did fail math, I felt like I learned a life lesson.

Going to grade 12, I realize that the mistakes I made in grade 2.  This coming year, I do not have any courses with friends.  I made this decision because I want to better myself and stay in school. I took grade 10 university english and many other courses to better myself and my education.  I will prove to myself, once and for all, that I don’t have a learning disability.

I never knew what I could achieve with education when I was 8.  I think that’s what most kids don’t understand that we go to school for a reason…

Written by Christina H

Christina is back in Toronto pursuing her dreams of writing. She loves exploring around Ontario and has found that Toronto is what captures her spirit.

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