Okay nervous teenagers, you’re 16 years old (or older) and ready to get your G1 (Learner’s permit). I’m here to prep ya’!

In March of this year, I went to go take my G1 test. Let me tell ya’ I was nervous and worried, but after leaving the building I was relieved that all of the late nights of studying paid off.

I PASSED my G1 test!

How did I pass? Well let me tell ya’ it WAS easy.

On my 16th birthday my parents bought me the official MTO driver’s handbook!

I read parts of the book… I just found it boring like most teenagers would…
SO what I did use was the G1 practice test I found on the Young Drivers of Canada website


I actually found it helpful and more entertaining then the book… Even though, I do recommend using the practise test you MUST buy the book because if your unsure of something you will always have the book to reflect on! It literally has everything about driving in it!

When you arrive at the DMV, depending on how many people are waiting, all you really have to do is just wait until you get called up by your waiting number.

What to bring to take your G1 Test

What do you need to bring to your G1 test?  You need to bring 2 pieces of ID with you. You must have either your birth certificate or your passport.

Next you need to bring money (Cash,debit,credit card). If I remember correctly the cost of your G1 test was $125.00 but I was told to bring extra cash just in case I failed. If you do fail, re-testing is just $10.00 and you can do it on the same day depending on the time!

Luckily, I passed on my first try.

The last thing you need to bring is your eye glasses or contacts. Why you may ask?  You need to bring your glasses/contacts because they are going to give you an eye test so when you do get to drive and if you do get stopped by a police officer, the officer will know if you can see without your glasses or not and if your not wearing your glasses while driving you could get fined…

Lastly, don’t be nervous getting your G1 is a fun experience!

Take it all in as just another grown up experience!

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