I’ve found myself in a kerfuffle the past month.   I have seen and heard so many awful things about blogging that it completely rubbed me the wrong way.  I wanted out of this highly competitive environment that pays little but, in the past, has provided me a sense of being.

In retrospect, it could have been the minimal hours worked this month, the fact that my bank account has plunged into the negative a few times, or simply that I’ve become cynical and needed a break.   However, a week away from Ontario, my blog, and my job has provided the second wind needed to keep on, keepin on.  I feel great and even more driven to succeed.

  • I’ve come to realize that no matter who has an opinion, this blog is mine.  I can do whatever the hell I please with it.
  • I’ve come to realize that to walk away from the computer and spend time in nature is good for the soul.
  • I’ve come to realize that I value each and every relationship that I have developed.
  • I’ve come to realize that you just can’t please everyone!  I like the square peg that I have become.

Blogging is a great way to share your voice

My blog, like most, started as a journal of my life.  There was no social media, no followers, and few comments.  It was simply pictures of my daughter and I at the Toronto Film Festival, my thoughts, and my struggles.   At that time, I was elated to see 30 visits to my site.

Today, I am a representative to brands.  I am responsible in ensuring that their posts are viewed and at times it can be fatiguing.  I still share my life, my struggles, and my pictures of the Toronto Film Festival and other Canadian Events.

Blogging is hard work

Blogging isn’t simply about writing what’s on our mind.  Blogging requires a lot of reading, soliciting prospects, writing emails, phone calls and blog post preparation.

I don’t know about anyone else but 95% of the time, my blog posts are well thought out before I put hand to keyboard.

As a blogger, you are a part of media

No matter what your blog represents, you are a part of media.   Call it an online magazine, journal, or daily rantings, your blog and your social media existence clearly represents the online personality that you have created all by yourself.

I have chosen to challenge myself rather than compete with other bloggers.  I work very hard on my media pass applications no matter how big the event.   Receiving a letter of refusal is hard at times, but trusting that you did your best in your submission is priceless.

My media persona is that of a supportive partner rather than a competitor.  I’m always happy to see people enjoying their life through their blog.  I can only hope that my followers feel the same.

You’re also human! You can’t win everyone’s hearts 

Blogging is HARD work.  I’m going to be blatantly honest here!  I love my blog so much that I want the world to read it and to love the posts that I share.  I want my blog posts to explode into the social media world like the Faberge commercial of the 80’s.  (They tell two friends and so on, and so on and so on)

…and then I woke up to the realization that I’d rather have 100 consistent readers than a following of a thousand where people feel obliged to kiss my ass.  I live by this mantra in my daily life too.

With that said, I love representing brands. I want my readers to trust me when I provide my thoughts on a product or service.

My relationship with Young Drivers of Canada is golden and I could only hope to represent them for years. I know for a fact that I will be referring them for that long and then some.  My main goal when I work with brands?  I never want to disappoint.  I will go the extra mile to ensure that their investment is worth it.

I love to tie in my partnerships with things that we are doing at the present moment. Otherwise it is a casse-tete.

Face it, we all want to be a rock star!

After you get past the courting stage with your blog, we all want to see bigger numbers and create BIG relationships.  When I meet different individuals in person, there isn’t one person who was missing that spirit to wholeheartedly succeed.  We all want to leave that little mark. It’s just that simple.

Between you and me, I want to be the “little blogger” (pardon the pun) who asks fantastic questions when performing celebrity interviews.   I work hours researching and preparing for my interviews.  I want to be authentic.

The question at the end of the day

If there was ever a day when the brands have packed their bags, the PR companies no longer want people to perform interviews and attend events, and viewing blogs becomes “yesterday’s news”, would you still continue blogging?

My answer would be YES!   With the turmoil that I have faced recently, the only thing that has kept me keepin on is the fact that once upon a time there was a “Poor little fat girl” who loved sharing her blog to the minimal amount of people who fell on it, the family who supported me through it, and the peace that it gave me from within.

Blogging isn’t an easy thing.  Sustainable income with a single source is almost non-existent without becoming a spokesperson.  The competition is fierce at times where emotions become escalated.

Over the past ten days I’ve reconnected with the one thing that has guided me in many situations throughout my life.

Everyday you must wake up and commit to being a better person.  Free of judgement, criticism, or resentment.  There is no benefit in becoming a cynic.

Cheers to all of the bloggers around the world!  Keep on, keepin on!

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