I don’t know if I’m just getting old or if security is a lot tighter, but to say I enjoyed our “typical” TIFF experience would be a lie.   Next year, I’ll be playing this week much differently as I plan on focusing on the movies and not so much the celebrities.  It’s too hard and frankly quite fatiguing.

The choice of venues, like the Princess of Wales Theatre, literally has me scared for the pedestrians and celebrity gawkers.   The venue is right off King Street, where parked cars, street cars, and hoard of people are all vying for their position.   I tried to get a glimpse of Tom Hanks yesterday, but left as I witnessed a parked car wanting to exit, 10 people were leaning against it on the road, while a street car was scaling past.  I thought to myself, “No actor is worth this chaos.

Cool Celebrity Moments

Jude-Law-TIFFWith that said, I did have a few cool celebrity moments.  I watched the movie Anna Karenina with Jude Law and Keira Knightley.  The movie itself was not for me, but Keira Knightley certainly did a wonderful performance as always.  It was tough seeing Jude law decked out in a beard and looking much older than his years.

However, later on, “my girls” were out by the Soho House where Jude Law was partying up a storm.  They asked security if he would take a picture with them while he was smoking a cigarette.  Whether the security guard actually asked or not is unknown, but he did reappear and inform them that Law is very particular with who he takes pictures with and the answer was no.

Bieber Alert!

Another funny celebrity moment was at 4:35pm, about 10 minutes before Selena Gomez left the showing of Hotel Transylvania.  Justin Bieber’s dad, his kids, and the famous batmobile, left the Ritz Carlton and headed towards the Princess of Wales Theatre.   Jaxon Bieber attended the red carpet arrival about 2 hours prior, for Hotel Transylvania, but was obviously taken home for an afternoon nap in between.

Selena was then seen leaving the movie with Jaxon in her arms once again.  Ah how cute, she sat through the whole movie with them…….NOT!  It’s always nice to have the kid as a vice.

Selena and Justin were later seen at The Keg Restaurant.


Well I’m on my way out again to see if I can spot a celeb as I have no tickets for today.  It’s been interesting but like I said, next year, I’ll put on my big girl pants and make it about the movies.

Coming up:

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  • Gifting Suites – Is it fun to be a filler?
  • More pictures and gossip of Celebrities at TIFF (Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence ROCKS!)

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