Kristen-Stewart-On-The-Road-TIFFIf there is one person I feel sorry for in this celebrity bouillabaisse, it’s Kristen Stewart.  It has been reported that Kristen Stewart is beside herself over her first public appearance, at the Toronto Film Festival, since her split with Robert Pattinson.

Get over it folks, it happens!  Yes, we all err in our lives.

This young 22-year-old girl made a mistake in judgement.  Kristen Stewart, like many other child actors, had no time to grow up like you and I did.  The life of a celebrity sucked her up before she had the chance to understand her raging hormones.

Along with celebrity, comes a lot of patronizing.  Love her or hate her, she is a HUGE star who no doubt is patronized day and night about her talent, her beauty, and sex appeal.  I recall a few years ago Roz Weston, from Entertainment Canada, stating that she had a rocking body with amazing sex appeal on his morning radio show.  She was all but 17 or 18 at the time.

So Kristen, I hope that our country treats you well and leaves you alone during your Red Carpet appearance for the premiere of your film, On The Road tomorrow night.  I hope that you are able to take in the sights and beauty of Toronto and all that TIFF has to offer a talented actress.   Just chill because everything is going to be alright.

We’re all good folk up here.

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