I am completely ashamed right now in many people who are still joking around about Amanda Todd’s suicide..
If you didn’t know recently, a girl named Amanda Todd committed suicide… Before she hung herself she tried killing herself by drinking bleach.

Now, I live in a town where alot of girls have made such mistakes as Amanda did.
Sleep with the wrong guy, show her breast and have it sent around.. and what she described what the kids did to her was absolutely horrible. I come from a really small town in Canada and I was just so shocked that people would actually care that much to be-friend Amanda and actually beat her up and make her switch schools!!!  I can’t imagine what she went through actually I am tearing up right now just thinking about it…. Something that really bothers me  is what I saw this evening on facebook…. I stumbled upon a stupid facebook page..
I actually started to tear up because I live in a world where someone would make fun of someone who just committed suicide!!
This is pathetic. I also see all these Meme of how she drank bleach and all these other things…
I feel so upset right now of how wrong this is…. I’m telling this to whoever is reading this to help. Help Amanda rest in peace help everyone who has been bullied and tried to commit suicide. I need you to go to this facebook page



This is wrong.

Rest In Peace.

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