Crazy ass house for five people

Celebrity Homes: Are they too much?

I was doing my nightly review of celebrity gossip and again, I have nothing interesting to report besides the wedding of Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Biel.  It’s too late to talk about it so I’ll wait until breaking news about the separation and irreconcilable differences 🙂  I’m tired of weddings and divorces because it’s not news anymore.

Will and Jada Smith’s Mansion

I was reading a story about Will and Jada Smith throwing a little lunch for the First Lady, Michelle Obama, on TMZ.com.  Interestingly enough, the secret service are combing the humongous property prior to her arrival.  Surprise, surprise.

What really astounded me was the picture of the mansion.  I started giggling to myself thinking how hard it must be to call their children for supper or how easy it would be to find a corner.   After living with teenagers in my 1,100 sq. foot house with finished basement, I’ve come to realize that privacy isn’t an option anymore.

Really do people really require this much space?  Do Will and Jada Smith really need to have that much home?  I guess after saving the world from alien destruction and portraying a man who worked his way to the top while living on the streets with his son, I guess there is a sense of entitlement to own such a majestic property.

It also makes me wonder about family togetherness.  How can one possibly live as a family in something so large?  With 25,000 square feet, I’m sure I’d never see my kids aside from dinner.  Our family has a rule; sit for dinner whether you’re eating or not.

I don’t know.  With so much poverty in this world we live in,  shouldn’t celebrities put their money where their mouths are and have to pay more taxes then the typical person?   I mean houses like these are generally in the blue collar worker’s dreams.    I just can’t imagine and who am I to judge?

Would we do the same?  I guess we probably would.

If you want to read more about Will and Jada Smith’s mansion which was created based on family and love, check out this article in Architectural Digest


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