social-media-junkieOver the summer I developed a cynicism that I couldn’t put my finger on.  I had very little trust and was agitated by everything.  All the while, I knew that I wasn’t living my best life.  Yes, the art of social networking had got the best of me where I woke up every morning, grabbed a coffee and got online to say good morning to many unknown people who I have created relationships with.

My blog became an addiction where I was checking my stats and constantly thinking of new ideas to kick it up a notch to realize my dream… dream….of what? The dream of having PR Companies offer me free stuff for a review?  The dream of making a gazillion dollars a year from my blog?  The dream of finding my dream job?

No, my blog didn’t start that way and it certainly won’t end this way either.  It will always be alive because of my passion to share information and listen to those who choose to read it.

My Addiction for Social Media

Yes, online addiction can be a hard realization to admit.  After all, isn’t it our job to be online and be connected?  Since I’ve taken a mini-vacation from Social Media, I’ve come to realize that I’m not living life, sharing time with my family, learning news things, and embracing the day as it is presented to me.   What do I possibly have to share that’s any different from other people staring at a screen and drinking coffee?

Let me tell you though, while my life has been filled with events in the month of September, it has also been filled with wonderful scents.  The scent of baked beans cooking in the oven, a prime rib roast with gravy and all of the fixings, cooking cupcakes (not from scratch) and decorating them per my Cake Boss cookbook I haven’t cracked open since Christmas.  I think stress brings out the cook in me.  Cooking is something I have a love/hate relationship with.

Yes, life has been busy, frustrating, and good.  My job is almost non-existent and I’m struggling with my next steps in my career.  I’m angry, broke and scared.  I did not acknowledge this fact three weeks ago….I would simply go online and bullshit to myself, and many others, about how my life is great and I’m ready to take on the day!

Wouldn’t the words “online transparency” be more believable if we saw less flowers and rainbows and more about the reality of life now and then?   Give your head a shake people and think of those online who are depressed, struggling, and upset. Why not take those flower out of your a** and lend an ear?  I’m a true believer in the Secret, but I’m not a fool.

Shifting myself, my career, and my objectives

With this roller coaster ride of cynicism and anger, I’ve come to realize that I’m much more than Social Media marketing as I have an attribute that many do not have.  That attribute is the desire to connect in real time, engage people while looking them directly in the eyes, while working very hard to keep my client satisfied.  I am a client’s dream when it comes to consulting as I will not stop until satisfaction is realized.

I have dedicated a few hours a week to re-adjust my newly created website to reflect this realization.

My True Calling on Social Media

Being online has given me a mini-vacation from reality.  The reality that I best start paying attention to before my kids leave the house and I’m left with only myself, my husband, and my computer.   Today…..I am going to Toronto and then I think I’ll take in a little apple picking.

Yes, I have struggled with blacklists, mean bloggers, social media comments, my future and my online actions.  I have seen the light of day. Sharing starts with living.  It’s not about my klout score or blogging, it’s about listening to others no matter where I am.

For more information about online addiction, there are many resources online available to help. However, for now, why don’t we spend sometime sharing our fears with one another, with a cup a tea, and a real time chat? I’m always here for you.  That’s my calling….online or off.

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