I love Lady Gaga and when I fell on to her site this morning, I was quick to sign up after seeing the revealing pictures of her 25-pound weight gain. She still looks amazing in my opinion.

“Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.”, accompanies the picture of Lady Gaga in her bra and underwear where she announces a new movement called Body Revolution 2013.  This movement is to encourage her little monsters to accept their body as it is.  Almost immediately, thousands of Little Monsters posted pictures of themselves displaying their weight issues, scars, tumors, and even deformities.  I was so caught up in this movement that I couldn’t leave the site for at least an hour.  I was speechless.

“I have been startled and overwhelmed with pride and emotion the past few days. Gratitude mostly. Seeing you post photos of things on your bodies and in your minds that you feel society tells you you should be ashamed of. You are showing them you have no shame,” Gaga wrote on her website Tuesday. “Watching you all create a safe space online for people to be compassionate is the greatest gift you could ever give me.”

Accepting your body is so very hard to do.  As an overweight smart individual with a great personality, I see it everyday.   Many people don’t take me seriously.  Many people don’t recognize my intelligence.  Many people just can’t accept inner perfection without the outer perfection of the exterior.

The hardest thing I ever went through was last year sitting outside the Power of Women event where Ellen Degeneres was speaking. Two young girls dressed to the nines called me disgusting as I was walking away.  I was just floored.  How were these women gaining anything from attending such a positive event when they couldn’t stand being near someone who wasn’t perfect on the exterior?  Just don’t get it.  Ellen is against bullying.  Really girls…classless.

I totally support Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution.  I am so proud to say that someone younger than myself has completely inspired me to reach my goals, love myself, and be true to those around me!  Go Gaga!

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