Another year and another blogger conference. The ShesConnected Conference has some big shoes to fill with their huge transition from hotel to the Toronto Convention Centre.  ShesConnected promises to be MORE than ever before and to prove it, Kate White, former Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine, will be closing Friday’s events as keynote speaker.  I am SO looking forward to listening to her.

The session I am looking forward to hearing is the group of prestigious PR company executives sharing tidbits on how they select bloggers for brand programs.  I plan asking several questions which will include, monetary compensation, why PR companies NEVER forward advertising requests to marketing, and of course, whether they focus on short term gain or long term goals.

Really, I know what it takes to be a blogger.  Good content, honesty, and great follow through.   It doesn’t matter if you’re the hot tamale on Twitter or Facebook, what matters is that you have readers (new and old) who have confidence that you are reviewing and promoting with integrity and honesty.  HA, I’m pulling a Justin Bieber on you!  I have lots to learn and there are plenty of sessions that I want to listen in on.

BUT I have a question for you SCCTO attendees as everyone knows that the party is the best part for me!  What 80’s tune are you?

Are you up for a little Tears for Fears?  (Oh God pul-leaze)

Or a little Madonna? (Gotta love the video)

We may need a little Karma Chameleon to rock out the other parties in town!

Either way, I’m sure it’ll be a great weekend of learning, friendships and fun.   I for one am looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones!!   Until then, let’s share our fave 80’s music to get us pumped up for ShesConnected 2012.

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