Well this weekend I will be in Toronto; I am attending the She’s Connected conference but also I plan to take part in some Halloween activities while i’m here.
I’m really looking forward to tomorrow though!
There will be a Zombie Walk taking place on Queen street (Around it atleast not sure how to describe it) which will be very interesting to see! (Full details here http://torontozombiewalk.ca/full-schedule/)

I am trying to stay and be able to see this happen even though i’m attending she’s connected and check out time is 12:00 pm..
I’ve alway wanted to see to a Zombie walk! It would be cool if I could actually participate in the actual walk but I have no make- up nor have I registered! 🙁
Oh well! There is alot more to do in Toronto this weekend! Also, I realised that Toronto After Dark Film Festival is also taking place this weekend (I’m pretty sure this is the opening weekend) So maybe I could catch a movie! We will see if I can get my mother (who hates horror flicks) to come see one with me!
I am so looking forward for this weekend!
Like I said I’m here for the conference But I guess checking out a few things won’t hurt anybody!

Actually, I guess I can talk a little about the conference!
So this was my first she’s connected conference i’ve went too!
I’ve met alot of my mothers friends and they seemed to be very nice…
I also was able to talk to a few brands today which I would love to work with and learned alot of cool marketing strategies and so much more! I’m looking forward to going back tomorrow!

I guess that’s really all I have to say… So have a good weekend!

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