Today at She’s Connected, Almond Fresh was handing out samples of their almond based milk .  At first I didn’t really want to try it but I decided to give it a shot.  I thought it would of been something like soy milk (or whatever vegans drink) and I never really liked soy milk so I was very nervous about trying it.

There were many options and I decided to first try the coconut almond milk.  I was so surprised of how it tasted. It was actually quite refreshing and absolutely delicious.

I wish I knew of this product in the summer because I went on an all almond based diet and if I knew about this product I would of been all over it and drinking it 24/7.  Like I said before there were alot of options to choose from; Chocolate, Vanilla, Original, Coconut and I believe a few more.

I also got to try the chocolate almond milk and that actually was my favourite out of the two I tried!    I really enjoyed this drink and would definitely recommend it to people who love almonds and like a supplement for real milk, pop or juice.  I wouldn’t compare it to milk unless you get the original almond fresh or like a different flavour to your cereal.

Also check out their site to get more info on almond fresh and recipes!  Try their new season flavor – Almond Fresh Noel Nog

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