Yes, my relationship with the Delta Chelsea started off as Facebook banter when the Toronto hotel shared the news about Delta Hotels and Resorts’ 50th Anniversary.

Of course, one look at these sumptuous cupcakes and I was all over this post.  Of course, most of my real time Facebook friends liked it as well.  (I have the greatest friends with similar likes and dislikes.)

A couple of days later, the Facebook Guy posted yet another picture of himself enjoying one of those cupcakes.  It looks like the sales team learned to share with social after all.  Again, who was the first person to rejoice his delectable find and congratulate him on his hard work and effort in snagging a cupcake for himself?  Me. (I’ve got a thing for cupcakes)

Well here’s the customer service kicker that no one would expect. (I hope that all brands read this because it’s something a little off the wall but it felt so good to be recognized for giving them recognition.)

The Facebook Guy sent me an email stating that he was going to courier cupcakes to me.  For what reason?  No reason at all.

As soon as I explained that I would be in the city for ShesConnected, we both agreed that it made sense for me to pick them up.

On Saturday, I was feeling ill at the conference that we left early.  We made it as far as Ontario Place before realizing that we didn’t pick up the cupcakes.   I knew that it would be incredibly inconsiderate not to pick them up since they had been made for us and were waiting at the concierge.  So……we turned around.  Great customer service deserves great customer response.

It took about a half hour to make it back into the city, drive beside miles of zombies, wait in traffic, and arrive at the Delta Chelsea to pick up these delectable treats to bring home with us.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echos are truly endless.
Mother Teresa

I have had many wonderful things happen to me on this joyride of blogging and social media but none compares to this one.  It’s always fun to be recognized as someone special.

Being a marketing consultant and customer service extraordinaire, I always remember that people love recognition no matter how small.  The kicker is doing at the opportune moment where someone will appreciate your gesture and share it with their friends.  (Yeah, like the Faberge Commercial of the 80’s)


So I tip my hat to the Delta Chelsea for this very kind gesture and wish you another 50 more years of hospitality success.

Here’s to you!  Cheers



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