One thing that bothers me about this country is how many people who don’t have an education end up on welfare.

I understand why some people are on welfare, however, I see MANY people who use the government just so they can goof off and spend OUR tax dollars.  Plus, I’ve heard stories about strippers who get paid under the table and still collect welfare!

This drives me insane because these individuals thinks that it’s okay to do this!  They don’t even try looking for a job, they just buy themselves nice stuff!

Now, I don’t know A LOT about government and welfare but I do know that everyone has a chance to graduate high school.
THAT OPTION IS YOURS. Even after years of being out of high school, you can still apply for e-learning or you still have a chance to go to an adult school!


The sad thing is that these people think because they’ve been on welfare for so long it’s okay to just keep taking the government’s money!

This drives me crazy, because they aren’t trying anymore they just become lazy and enjoy the good life that few can afford.

Oh, but when their cheque is late they’re MAD and tweet about it, or make a facebook status about how the government is failing because they need to buy their 4 year old boy new “kicks”  and a cool hat for school. LIKE COME ON!

The government is giving you our tax money so you can get your 4 year old boy some Nike kicks? ARE YOU FOR REAL? I know when my parents need to pay their bills they are extremely stressed out and grumpy because often they have no money left to buy us nice things or treat themselves with things that they would like to.

Also, when I see people who get denied for welfare, these are the people who NEED to be on welfare the most, not a fully energetic person who could easily walk down to the local high school and get set up for a e-learning program.

If I ran this great country, I would create a time period of how long people can be on welfare, keeping in mind the unemployment rate and current state of recession. If people are going back to school and have no time to work then I believe it’s okay to be on welfare just so you can get some help.When you’re done, you can get a student loan to go to college and do so many things, Because we live in Canada, we can be so much more!

I went to WE DAY the other day and this made me realise how lucky I am to live in such a great country. Do you think the people in Africa get welfare, have schools systems, and can obtain high paying jobs? I really don’t think so.

So, maybe if you do apply for welfare think to yourself, did you try hard enough to get a job? Do you really need to be on welfare?

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