Just for fun, I threw out a point to my Facebook friends the other day.  Now generally, I keep my opinions to myself until I heard this story from my friend.  This is what I wrote.

I rarely people stalk on Facebook. If you come up on my feed then I always read as I care about your day as much as my own. But tonight is relax night and I’m stalking! I’m having quite the giggle at the amount of women past age the age of 18, who feel the need to post aerial shot pictures of their cleavage.


I received mixed reviews from “likes”, to jokes, and comments like “If you got em, show them off”.   I respect everyone’s opinion and decided not to divulge the rest of the story.  In fact, I like that Facebook has a hide feature because I really don’t choose to oogle daily over these shots.

But here is the full story now.

“Jessie” is a nice woman who LOVES herself!  I have to admit that she really does have it all.  Perfect body, great family life, and a lot of love from what everyone can see online.  More often than not, you can go online and see interesting self-taken pictures of herself on Facebook at anytime.  The Arial boob shot, the full frontal (from the air shot) in a bikini, the bathroom mirror shot, and of course, normal everyday pictures too.

I’m sure before the digital years people did this as well.  I’m sure many women have pictures that are neatly tucked into their nightstand or photobox.  They were taken with the premise that it was not for all the world to see.  Facebook is another story.  As we’ve witnessed with Amanda Todd, who mistakenly followed up on a dare and flashed her friends online, shots like these get into the hands of sick people.  Sick people who blackmailed and tortured that girl for the longest time.

But I’m not even going to go there in this post.  Where I am going to go is here……

Yes, I think it’s awesome to strut your stuff at the beach and at a party in a slinky dress.  People will gaze and admire your beauty.   Some men may even point out your beauty to their friends.  Kudos to those who can pull it off.

I think if you’re going to post things on Facebook you have to be self-aware of everything you’re posting.  Be courteous to the viewer, be mindful of what your taking, and the repercussions (if any) of your actions.  Your photos my be cached on Search Engines, saved and posted on a unknown Flickr account, or something as simple as having your significant other question your intentions.  And for God’s Sake, be mindful of the kids who will assume that you think it’s OK to post pictures like that as a parent, then it must be OK for them too!

So the story ends like this.  I didn’t know whether to laugh or be sad for the parties involved but it was something that I never imagined in a million years.

Even though Jessie loves herself enough to publicize self taken shots of her boobies and hard body, she is unaware of one thing.  One of her Facebook friends caught her husband, with Jessie’s Facebook photos on the computer screen, doing the five-finger solo.   :O 

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