A growing family needs space to enjoy all sorts of amusements. Unfortunately, the home does not have any space for a pool table, playing board games, or enjoying many of the other games that families like to do together. Perhaps it’s time to think about converting what is basically wasted space into a game room. If you have a basement, that could be your answer. Here are four elements you want to include in the design for your new game room.

Plenty of Overhead Light

Strategic placement of overhead light is a must in a basement game room. You want one light that is directly over the pool table and provides plenty of illumination. Another light should be over the table where family members play board games or put puzzles together. It wouldn’t hurt to have another overhead light for a second smaller table people can use to play poker or some other card game. While you can still make plans to have reading lamps in some areas, always have enough overhead light to ensure everyone can see what they are playing with ease.

If you are not sure how to set up the right lighting layout, a Basementscanada.com contractor who has experience with renovating basements can provide some ideas. All you have to do is point out where you plan on placing different types of tables and the professional can take it from there.

Insulation and Wall Paneling

An unfinished basement does need more insulation. The goal is to ensure the temperature in the space can be kept at the same level all year round. Since the basement is partially below ground level anyway, you won’t usually need much additional insulation. Have an expert install it after sealing the walls and flooring. You can then cover the insulation using wall framing and sheets of paneling. This gives the space a finished look and also provides an easy way to mount wall games like darts or hang a case for the pool cues.

The Floor Covering

Since the entire family will use the game room, select a floor covering that holds up well to a lot of traffic. It also helps to go with something you can clean easily. Tile paired with some area rugs is a good choice. You can also talk with a professional about using indoor/outdoor carpeting that you can clean with ease.

How About a Kitchenette?

No one likes to run up and down the stairs to get snacks and beverages. Consider adding a kitchenette along one wall. All you need is a working sink, small refrigerator, range and oven, and cabinets to store dishware and packaged foods. A couple of countertop appliances like a coffeemaker and a microwave oven will make the space truly functional.

While it’s hard to imagine the basement being converted into a game room, the project will be easier than you think. All you really need is a general idea and support from one of the basement services in the area. After the details are finalized and you have a quote in hand, stand back and watch as an expert creates a space that you and your family will enjoy for years.

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