I attended Free the Children’s 6th annual We Day event in Toronto, Ontario! This is one of  eight Canadian stops. On Friday, September 28, I got to attend this powerful and inspiring event on behalf of Telus! There were about 20,000 students attending the event!

We Day was such an enriching experience it even made me want to check out the free the children group at my own school. I wanted to start off with my favorite moments and speeches.  I was really inspired with Martian Sheen’s speech especially because he spoke of how acting was his one true dream and how people should never give up.  I found it absolutely inspiring as a girl who wants to be an actress and an important public figure as well.

I never realized that Martian Sheen was such an inspiring person and helps out with a lot of charities. I am so happy I saw him at We day.

Also I loved Molly Burke speech. At first, I thought “oh just an normal pretty girl speaking out how she was bullied.” but Molly proved me wrong and proved me not to judge others with out listening to their story.

When I found out she was blind, I felt so bad for thinking she was like every other person who has been bullied. She was so much more. Molly left the stage and my whole arm was filled with goose bumps.

Next I want to talk about the performances! The performances at We Day were VERY incredible.

I love love love Hedley and even though I’ve seen them a million times performing and at meet and greets I still get goose bumps when I see them live. Jacob Hoggard has such a powerful voice and is such a great public figure… I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it!

Nelly Furtado performance was also very amazing especially her second performance when she brought out the special guest which was K’naan. He was AMAZING!

You can watch the We Day I went to on Much music site or you can tune in on November 11th 2012 to watch it!

I know I will be tuning in! It was such a great day! I wish I could re-live it all over again!

I want to thank Telus for letting me be part of this AMAZING experience! I will never forget it!

Here are some photos of my We Day experience..

There is one blurry photo of Jacob, Nelly and I! Still cherish it even if it’s blurry! I also met Spencer West, but for some darn reason I can’t find it anywhere…

Oh well!

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