Breaking Dawn Part 2 ReviewInfinite love, whether human or not, never dies.    Breaking Dawn Part 2 brings closure to the Twilight Saga with wax-like acting,an epic neck breaking battle, and lots of comedic lines.

The movie began with a lot of promise as Bella (Kristen Stewart), once human, awakens from her slumber transformed as a “new-born” vampire who is thirsty, unbelievably strong with a powerful sexual desire for her vamped out husband Edward (Robert Pattison).  However, Edward has her awakening schedule planned as he takes her deep in the jungle to satisfy her thirst before reuniting with their half human half vampire love child, Renesmee.  Bella again astonishes Edward with her self control and ability to hunt without guidance.

The best dialogue that coveted the screen was between Bella and Jacob (Taylor Lautner).  Jacob explained to Bella that he unintentionally imprinted on her daughter and apologized that it had to be this way.  Bella cried “Nessie!  You named her after the Loch Ness Monster?”

As the movie progresses, their cousin Irina reports to the Volturi, the vampire police force, that the whole vampire community is at risk because of the “immortal” child whom she encountered.  The remainder of the film focused mainly on the Volturi and their desire to rid of the new immortal child, while the Cullen family worked their vampire magic by bringing together family and friends from around the world to prove Renesmee’s power and the uniqueness.

The final fight scene was unexpected as devoted Twihards, who read the saga, were astonished at what was being played on screen.  Lots of gasps and applause during this scene.  It was a perfect twist to throw a loop hole for teenagers expecting a happy ending.  (I know my daughter was texting her friend saying “You are not going to believe this!!”)

Even I have to admit that watching Bella’s new found confidence, with her special powers, was breath taking. Personally, Bella’s lack of confidence as a human was getting stale.  Bella’s father also contributed to the lunacy of the story by being completely oblivious to his surroundings, Bella’s new appearance, and his new rapidly growing Granddaughter.  OMG, take a hint buddy!

The low-budget quality of the film was visible especially with the CGI of baby Renesmee.  There were also humorous scenes that, thankfully, caused a distraction from the sappiness of the Bella and Edward romance.

Overall, the film’s comedic twists and awkward visuals left only the devoted fan satisfied.   I suppose this is what sappy happy endings are made of. Infinite love, whether human or not, never dies.

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