This month we’ve had our fair share of Crock-Pot cooking and I have to say that my husband has converted.  One of my fave things at the grocery store is the Club House Slow Cooker Seasoning Mixes.  I especially love this pot roast one as it add flavour and consistency to my vegetables and meat.  I can also make a fine gravy at the end.

One thing that I always do with any roast is sear the beef in a frying pan with a touch of olive oil.  Searing the beef keeps the flavour inside the beef while it’s cooking.

I throw whatever vegetable into the mix.  In our home, potato, onion,  carrot and turnip is a staple with any meal containing red meat.

What do you cook with your pot roast?  Have you ever tried making it in the slow cooker?  It’s divine!!

Next time you’re out, try one of Club House’s seasoning mixes to kick your meal up a notch.











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