A Los Angeles judge ruled Friday that Halle Berry is not permitted to move to France with 4-year-old daughter, Nahla.   Halle Berry felt that moving to France would provide a safer environment for her child but Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry objected to the move.  Yes, France has stronger paparazzi laws, but an ocean divided between father and daughter can also spell disaster for the child.

Since the split in 2010,  Halle and Gabriel’s (Canadian actor and model) relationship has been tense due to custody issues.  It is obvious that both want to participate actively in their daughter’s life.

I witnessed a beautiful scene between mother and daughter during the Toronto Film Festival on Adelaide Street.  Berry was walking with an entourage of women.  While waiting for the light, I was admiring the little girl in her arms.  It wasn’t until we started moving that I realized that it was Halle Berry.   I watched her walk away for a brief moment as Halle took a moment to put her daughter down to talked to her while her entourage continued to stroll.

I could tell by the interaction that there’s a lot of love for Nahla and hopefully the judge’s decision will reinforce that an active father should always be part of a child’s life.

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