The month of November has provided me with a whirlwind adventure.   I turned 40 first and foremost. I have housed 7 people at one time in an 1,100 square foot house.  My family threw a 40th birthday party for me (hence the visitors staying with me).  I have been working my tail off to get some clients through my business Trina Stewart Consulting and Communications so I can start thinking about Christmas.

Over the past year, I’ve had my struggles but having my family around has been great.  However, one dreadful thing has happened to me since November 19th.    I have lost my blogging mojo.  I’m wondering if it’s that I have been living life, getting out of the house, and experiencing the feeling of family being around who want to be active and just “out there”.

Since everyone’s departure I have been depressed and fighting a cold.  The life I led doesn’t really seem to matter to me.  I feel the need for human interaction and experiences.

I’ve come to realize that I’m evolving and I need more than Twitter, Facebook, and my nightly blog posts.

Knowing this, today I had a breakdown because I couldn’t find my center.   I couldn’t figure out my next steps without giving one thought to my daily mantra to “Let it be”.  I completely believe that things will evolve they way they are supposed to, but I am the type of person who over analyzes and stresses on forging ahead.  When I’m trying to accomplish something I’m like a bulldozer tearing down a structure.

I figure that perhaps if I share this with people I can find the guidance I need to move ahead.  Perhaps the blogging “gig” is wearing thin where I’ve come to realize that the competition is fierce, the pay is far from average, and writing about celebrity gossip certainly isn’t something that I adore.  I adore the live entertainment side of celebrity, not the bubble gum gossip side.  I’m not a gossiper by nature.

I have to take this loss of mojo as a sign.  A sign that the next step is inevitable.  Do I write a book?  Do I attempt to market myself to other online magazines?  Do I continue to forge ahead and expand the services that my business can offer based on my intelligence and experience?

We all have something to give and over time it changes.  Are you feeling the same loss of mojo as I am?  What’s the sign you’re receiving?  How did you forge ahead?

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