wheat-bellyIt’s a proven fact.  I am addicted to wheat.  There is nothing like a toast in the morning, a muffin in the afternoon, or a nice big serving of apple pie after a festive supper.  For me, everything containing flour is divine. Unfortunately, I have been paying for my love of flour big time the past six months.

I have never taken the celiac test that my doctor recommended a few months ago, but I am certainly in the know that gluten is slowly killing my lifestyle.

It wasn’t so long ago where I started to develop a sense of fullness in my upper abdomen which caused discomfort and loss of breath when I was washing the floor.   I went to my doctor expecting to hear that I had a tumor  but that was not the case.  After an ultrasound and a bill of good health, he suggested laying off the dairy.

I stopped dairy for over a month and felt no better.  In fact, once I started back up again I had a soft ice cream cone from Dairy Queen only to have the same horrible reaction that I’ve had for over a year.  My friend, who has celiac, informed me that soft ice cream is FULL of gluten.

My memory has also taken its toll.  I couldn’t even remember if I bought my daughter pyjamas for Christmas.  Thank God she snooped 🙂

The doctor then recommended taking the celiac test.

According to many people, gluten intolerance is the cause of much of my ailments.  People have also recommended that I forego the celiac test because many times it comes up negative even though signs still prove that gluten is a beast for my body.

Bread is such a staple in my everyday life where I unconsciously have a toast and almond butter every morning.  As well, it is nothing for me to grab a cracker or a quick muffin during the day.  The result?  Pure and utter discomfort.  I missed a party last night and many events in the past month because of lethargic, over grown wheat belly.

So this New Years I’m not making a resolution to stay off of wheat, but I’m going to start by immersing myself in the book Wheat Belly and try to rid myself of gluten completely to help ME feel better.

Do you have a gluten intolerance?  I’d love to hear how you got off of wheat without going absolutely senile?

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