enhanced-buzz-18123-1357590738-11-e1357595715113After pictures of Justin Bieber allegedly smoking weed hit the Internet this weekend,  #Cuts4Bieber was the trending topic on twitter…

Now, these kids weren’t cutting their hair or cutting paper but they were slitting their wrist to get Justin Bieber’s attention.

Girls reached out by tweeting pictures of their cut wrist to try to get Justin Bieber attention. The tweets cried out “STOP SMOKING WEED AND WE WILL STOP CUTTING” They were threatening their own lives for one guy they don’t know personally.

I do not understand why would any girl would do that then tweet about it.

I suggest Justin Bieber should actually help out these girls and get them a therapist.

Once again I’ve lost all hope for this generation.

Here are some of the most trending tweets;

Justin Bieber Crazy Fan Girls


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