003I had a great day at the Canadian International Auto Show .  I am an auto enthusiast so I was very excited to see the show.  Previously, I have only attended classic car shows, but this show was definitely the best I have attended.  I was impressed with the incredible size of the  show, also by the incredible diversity of the show, from classic cars to new exotic cars and family cars. My favourite part was seeing all the concept cars they were all extremely interesting and futuristic looking.

I was very excited to be granted a media pass for Volkswagen, I learned a lot about the company and have a new way to look at it.  I always thought  Volkswagen was all about the basics in vehicles, nothing too special just what you need at an affordable price.   They really had me impressed, the cars were all very nice looking and seemed to each have their own great features.  The focus of this year’s show seemed to be fuel efficiency without compromising power.  A good example of this is the new 2013 Jetta  Turbo Hybrid. It is environmentally friendly and wallet friendly without compromising power.   My favourite car I saw from Volkswagen today was the new concept car which combines an SUV with a car, it was called a Cross Coupe .

All in all the 2013 Canadian International Auto Show was great. I look forward to going again next year and hopefully test driving a new Volkswagen.




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