858092_10151544981766289_1244090534_o  Do you enjoy having a treat when you get home after a long day? I know I do.

Lately I haven’t been spending a lot of time at home and I had a stressful afternoon. When I arrived home, I decided the night would be spent relaxing, watching a good TV show, and having a good snack.  I realized I was craving something dessert like, so I went to the freezer to see if there was ice cream. I was lucky to find a box of Chapman’s ice cream with 1 scoop left.

One of my favourite combinations since I was little has been peanut  and chocolate. It’s like it was meant to be mixed! So I went into the pantry, got some Nutella, put it in a bowl, and microwaved it for a minute.  I drizzled the melted Nutella on top of my ice cream and put some peanuts on it.

The ice cream was delicious and made my day way better.  Little things like a bowl of ice cram can greatly improve your day. Take a moment to relax and think about simple things once a day and your day might be a lot nicer to look back on.

Have a great night everyone! 🙂

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